We love water, the sun and the beautiful summer days.

We gladly introduce you AIRAVATA SWIMWEAR. Our philosophy is energetic,but just like the whole essence of life: simple, we love water, the sun and the beautiful summer days. For this reason we’ve decided to make a tribute to these things that we like so much, creating beautiful and creative swimwear with hand-finished and handcrafted details. Always emphasizing on the importance of nature in our daily live and reinterpreting it in our prints.

Our brand is in close contact with current trends, however we seek that our products are always unique and alternative, that shines for its independence. We don’t want our brand to be compromised by the mass market, on the contrary, we want to satisfy our customers with originality and meet all their expectations.

We create versatile pieces to offer a full experience to our clients by given them a high-end swimwear suit but also a elegant piece of garment that can be use in many other special occasions.

As this is completely craft worked, some garments might take up to 4 days only in the embroidery process. This is why we treasure each detail of our product, made with the hands and with the heart.