Mini Rodini is a Swedish children’s wear brand that was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to all children, their imagination and sense that everything is possible. Mini Rodini takes children seriously with playfulness, meaning it is important that children too have clothes that match their own personality, mood and creativity.


All of Mini Rodini’s swimwear collection including swimpants, sweamsuit, baby swimpants and fancy leggings is made of 78% recycled polyamide, which has been manufactured by using mostly residual fishnets, old carpets and production waste. Every year, over 600,000 tonnes of fish nets are thrown in our oceans. In these abandoned nets, dolphins , seals to smaller fish are found. The fishnets travel through the strong currents and destroy the world's seabed and coral reefs. These are vital to the health and survival of the sealife and us human beings. These products are thus part of the process that will help to clean our oceans. All of them protect against the sun’s UV rays with the highest ultraviolet protection factor, UPF 50